Charitable Involvement

The Johanniter

Reinhard is a member of the Johanniter Order, a nonprofit, humanitarian aid organization. The Johanniter Order is an international organization with chapters around the world. The Johanniter Order members, including Reinhard, focus on community relief efforts in their local areas.

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Charlotte International Rotary Club

Reinhard is a past President and a current member of the Charlotte International Rotary Club. The Charlotte International Rotary Club is a chapter of Rotary International, an international service organization that brings together business professionals and leaders to provide humanitarian services and advance goodwill and peace throughout the world. 

A big goal of the Charlotte International Rotary Club and Rotary International as a whole is to eradicate polio and promote world peace.

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Charlotte International Cabinet

Reinhard is the Chairman of the Charlotte International Cabinet. The Charlotte International Cabinet's goal is to encourage educational, business, and cultural exchanges and dialogue between the City of Charlotte, its citizens, and the greater international community.
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