Announcement: Morning Musings Book #2 Will Be Coming Out Within the Next Few Months!

Morning Musings

100 Reflections on Global Business and Law

Reinhard's popular Morning Musing series was so popular and well-received that he decided to make it into a book. That's right, his first 100 Morning Musings were transcribed and put into Morning Musings: 100 Reflections on Global Business and Law.

Topics include business, immigration trademarks, tax, trade war, data protection, Brexit, product liability, court cases, and much more. 

Each Musing is broken down into an easily digestible way for any reader to follow. Copies are still available to order, so if you want a copy of your own, click here.

A new Morning Musings book will be coming out soon.

Family Protocol

The Family Protocol book is created by the Bridge Alliance, which Reinhard is the Chairman of. Bridge Alliance members from 10 countries come together to write about the law in their own country. In particular, family-owned businesses and the impact on family offices in multiple jurisdictions. 

Reinhard wrote on behalf of Germany and the United States, offering a unique perspective because he is a dual citizen and knows the law on both sides. 

The second edition of the Family Protocol book is scheduled to come out in the coming months with a longer list of countries contributing to the book.

Family Charter - Family Constitution

family protocol