Speaking Engagements

German American Business Association

Reinhard is the President of the German American Business Association (GABA). GABA's purpose is to bridge the gap between the German and American market by educating German businesspeople on American business, taxes, laws, culture, and more. 

During the pandemic, Reinhard and the rest of GABA turned to webinars as their primary way of reaching the public. Feel free to watch the recordings of the previous GABA webinars!

Bridge Alliance

Global Wealth Strategy Summit

Reinhard is also the President of the Bridge Alliance. The Bridge Alliance is an international alliance of lawyers and law firms across the world. This past September, the Bridge Alliance put on the Global Wealth Strategy Summit. Lawyers from the United States, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and China got together to discuss asset protection on this live webinar. Topics include:

- Global Asset Protection
- Foreign Direct Investments 
- International Residency Strategies 
- Global Risk Diversification 
- Alternative Legal Residencies

Watch the Global Wealth Strategy Summit here!


Reinhard is the Founder and Chairman of BridgehouseLaw LLP. BridgehouseLaw is a law firm based out of Charlotte, NC, with offices also in Atlanta, Berlin, and Vancouver. BridgehouseLaw focuses on corporate law. Often during the pandemic lawyers from BridgehouseLaw live and free webinars to educate individuals on topics such as product liability, visas, immigration, and more.

Check out the entire webinar (or clips) from Reinhard's recent seminar on product liability defense!

Future Speaking Engagements

If you would like to have speak at an event, webinar, podcast, or anything else, email me! reinhard.vonhennigs@bridgehouse.law

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