Why is Theranos Apparel and Memorabilia So Popular Right Now?

Why is Theranos Apparel and Memorabilia So Popular Right Now?

Do you want to buy a Theranos lab coat for $17,000? Hello, this is Reinhard von Hennigs. And if you're interested, hurry up. eBay and other platforms are selling those originals one in a lifetime opportunities to acquire original Theranos lab coats. Mind you, Theranos was a company that was created by Elizabeth Holmes some years ago, which had a very famous rise and almost impeccable start and then a significant failure.

And Elizabeth Holmes is now facing up to 20 years in prison, based on her wire fraud charges and other related charges. But what is the reason for this hype? Yes, she was the youngest, female billionaire, a self-made entrepreneur who had all that it takes, and that people who admire her for girl boss and hashtag girl boss are rather famous these days.

They are mugs being sold, which carries the label Theranos early investor, which is one of Etsy shops, high selling items. Why would you buy a mug of a company which is defunct by somebody who created a company who may end up in jail? It is almost like this morbid fascination of success and failure, which seems to be too human for us.

But the underlying question is, are they even allowed to do that? Well, assuming that there is a Theranos entity still in existence who may have the trademarks still under their control, they may be able to claim any and all trademark infringements back from somebody, but then it boils down to do they have some money and see appetite to enforce it?

I seriously doubt that this will happen. So in the meantime, if you want to buy some original, authentic mugs, some original authentic lab coats. Now it's your time. Maybe the price will go up after the indictment ends in a judgment. In the meantime, if you are an early investor, let me know what kind of early investor you are. And do you have a mug proudly saying early investor?

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