Jeff Bezos Going to Space

Jeff Bezos Going to Space

Do you want to go to space? Hello, this is Reinhard von Hennigs. And if you are Jeff Bezos, then the answer is, yes, you do want to go to space and you're doing it. And this is exactly what Jeff Bezos announced the other day. On July 20th of this year, he will be flying into space. Only 15 days after he resigned or after the day is set where he will resign as the CEO of Amazon.

So while Jeff Bezos is in space, He is certainly excited that his long life goal to be in space is out of a sudden part of reality. We all remember 2016 in Star Trek beyond where he did a cameo in the movie and his passion and his interest in space is one thing. But in reality, it's not just a little kid's dream.

He's been quoted to have said, I believe that if we won't go to space, we will eventually end up in a civilization of stasis, which I find demoralizing. So far, why Jeff Bezos wants to go to space. From a legal question point of view, I wonder if he allows others to join his trip. What would the liability disclaimer look like?

Would you sign on the dotted line? I agree that I will be dead. If the rocket implodes or what other liability waivers there would be inside. It's almost like a feast to see that disclaimer, to be used in different settings. Is it for real? Yes, because Bezos is auctioning off seed and it was bubbling around the two-point something million-dollar range for the 11-minute flight, which brings you 60 minutes out in space.

And after Bezos announced to be on board personally, now the number jumped up to $3.2 million for the 11 minutes. I think it may go much higher, but in the end, I'm really curious to read the liability because if you go into a dangerous environment and you endanger yourself, the company that was running this danger needs to be properly indemnified. Will this be enforceable in court? I hope we will never have to learn that because this flight needs to be successful.

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