The NFL is Looking for a Host City in Germany

The NFL is Looking for a Host City in Germany

What do you think about football in Germany? Hello, this is Reinhard von Hennigs. And the question is, are we talking soccer or football? No, we are not talking about soccer even though it would be prudent to talk about European soccer in light of the ongoing European soccer championship. It is about American football.

The NFL, the American football league, is looking to find a partner city in Germany to host regular-season games in Germany. To the enjoyment of the millions of German fans. There's not only television, and the weekly television viewership has grown by over 20% in the last three years, but they're trying to identify which city would be a perfect host city.

The NFL is at this time conducting games outside of the United States in Mexico and Canada. And let's, don't forget about the special London event they had scheduled. I'm curious which city they will pick. I'm also curious how much business will be around that. Will American companies who operate in Germany act as hosts? Will German companies who are engaged in international business and trade, especially with the United States, become a sponsor here? From a sponsorship, from a marketing opportunity, I see great ideas when ideas flow from one continent to the other. 

Let's wait to see which German city the NFL will pick. Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt. I can see lots of great cities of interest. The NFL may be interested to match it up with some of the local NFL fan clubs or fan teams. And the Berlin thunders, Cologne Centurions, Frankfurt galaxy, the Hambrook sea devils are just a few of them, which may be a reason for them to go to one of those cities. The local fan base is at the end what matters because the stadium needs to be full.

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