The US To Lift Travel Ban to Vaccinated Travelers

The U.S. To Lift Travel Ban to Vaccinated Travelers

US to lift travel ban



The Biden Administration has announced plans to lift the travel ban on travelers to the United States. Only vaccinated travelers who submit to contact tracing will be allowed into the Country. The travel bad could be lifted as early as November.

This travel ban has been in place ever since President Trump implemented it in 2020 and was extended by President Biden once he took office. The ban encapsulated those who have been in one of these countries/areas within 14 days of entering the United States:

  • The Schengen area
  • The United Kingdom/Ireland
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Brazil
  • China
  • Iran

Before and until the travel ban ends, the only way to get into the United States from one of those countries is to either; quarantine in a country not listed above for 14 days or obtain a National Interest Exception (NIE).

The Biden administration has not yet confirmed which vaccines will be accepted. It’s likely to be the vaccines already approved in the United States and Europe, but it’s not clear if vaccinated individuals with Indian, Chinese, or Russian-made vaccines will be allowed in.

Not much information has been disclosed about the process, but once the travel bans are lifted, demand for U.S. visas will likely increase dramatically. U.S. Embassies and Consulates are already short-staffed (as you can read in our article about international students struggling to get U.S. visas) and will get worse.

The Biden Administration states that they are aiming to replace the current travel bans/restrictions with a “safer, stronger and more sustainable” system.

Exactly how they will conduct the contact tracing has not been stated.

Each state has the freedom to implement its own regulations as well. Some states may require proof of a negative COVID test within 3-days of traveling or quarantining, and some may not.

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